Saint Laurent, Chadstone – Sidgreaves&Co

Work Description

Saint Laurent, Chadstone - Sidgreaves&Co

Express Tiling was awarded this project from Sidgreaves&Co. The floor area consisted of over 150m2 Lightweight Screed. Express Tiling was exclusively involved with the designer and architect of this project regarding the lightweight screed. Litefill Ultrafine Grade Screed was used for the screed of this project, this special type of screed reduced the overall weight by 50%. The floor stone consisted of over 150m2 of custom design and cuts of Marble stones, all custom cuts ranging from 600 x 1000mm - 1000m x 1400mm etc. The walls, ceiling and the window steps and riser consisted of over 200m2 Marble custom cut stones ranging from 200 x 600mm - 1500mm - 3000mm. Special Grouting with Tenax, the 150m2 floor stones look like 1 big piece of stone laid, as you cannot see the joints due to the colour of the Tenax Grout witch matches the stone colour. Our team put great attention to detail to follow the veins of the floor and wall marble stones. The Express Tiling team under high pressure to deliver the best possible finish for this project which we met the deadline with 0 defects!

July 2017 - August 2017